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Your Body, the Way You Want It

Through GW Coaching, Becky aims to empower clients to take charge of their own life when it comes to ideas surrounding nutrition and fitness; helping them to create lifelong changes and implement sustainable modifications to their daily routines.

Becky was incredible from start to finish. She was very thorough when I was first introduced to her program. She wanted to be sure we both understood my goal and if I was willing to put the effort in to achieve it.


I first went to her for help with losing my post-partum weight. She helped me understand how to do this safely and had frequent check-ins with me regarding the health status of myself and my baby to ensure any changes were made quickly and there were no negative effects of dieting.


I was then heading into my wedding and wanted to lose lots of weight in a very short period of time, Becky warned me that it would mean I needed 100% commitment, but that she could help me. 


I will need to use Becky again after having a second baby, to get back to where I feel comfortable and to learn how to stay there. I am looking forward to working with her again as she educates me on different behaviour changes and how to really manage being in a deficit.

Abigail Parisod

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